Complete and partial dentures

What are full dentures?
Dentures are made in cases where there are no teeth in the mouth and they are placed on the upper and lower palate.

How many days does it take to build this type of prosthesis?
Complete dentures are prepared in approximately 5 sessions, which consist of measurements and various rehearsals.

Are they easy to use?
It is more difficult to use compared to other dentures, because dentures with the palate are placed and removed, so constant comfort of the denture and chewing efficiency is not expected. Injuries may occur in some areas during initial placement.

How to clean?
Cleaning of complete dentures is done under running water with the help of soap and a brush. Toothpaste is not used for cleaning. For complete dentures, cleaning brushes can be cleaned with ordinary toothbrushes as well as special brushes. In addition, some brands come with cleaning tablets.

Partial prostheses
These are a type of dentures used in cases where there are not enough teeth available in the upper or lower jaw to serve as bridges. Preserved teeth serve as a support for the prosthesis. These are removable prostheses designed with various support and retaining elements, which give them very good stability in the patient’s mouth when chewing.

Are they easy to use?
After a certain period of time, most patients use these prostheses comfortably.

How to clean?
Cleaning sensitive dentures is the same as cleaning complete dentures.