Dental implants

What is an implant? Can it be done at all?
You may have lost a tooth due to caries, gum disease, accident and more. A lost tooth can be replaced with an implant.

What is a dental implant?
The dental implant is a titanium screw system used to make dentures for dental defects. Dental implants placed in the jawbone act as the root of the tooth. With a single tooth deficiency, it is possible to fill in the missing tooth without touching the adjacent hard teeth, and with multiple tooth deficits, it is possible to use fixed dentures instead of removable dentures, thanks to dental implants. It is possible to fix removable dentures that are difficult to use.

Implant treatment can be given to any patient who has completed jaw development and is in good general health. Except for patients with some very rare health problems. Implant treatment is used in patients with good oral hygiene.

How does the healing process of dental implants work?
In dentistry, implants take longer than prostheses or conventional treatments, as it is necessary to wait 2 to 4 months for the titanium structure to integrate with the bone and 6 months if any intervention is applied to the jawbone. However, the results obtained at the end of this period are quite satisfactory and much more lasting.

Do I feel severe pain during treatment? How long do the sessions last?
The level of pain that the patient feels during and after the implant surgery is equivalent to the pain that is felt in the process of tooth extraction. Normally, the time to implant an implant is approximately 20-30 minutes.

What is the advantage of the implant over other treatments?
The most important advantage of implant treatment is that the adjacent natural teeth are not damaged. In addition, the prevention of bone resorption, natural and aesthetic appearance, completion of the procedure with a very simple and short operation are among the other important advantages. It is clear that a beautiful smile gives self-confidence, vitality and youth.